We follow the design process as an efficient and effective way in producing a successful solution to any design problem. The order and time spent at each step may vary with each individual project, but generally the process is as follows.

Conversation/Discussion. Research, Ideation/Sketching. Modeling. Drawing. Modeling. Material/Technology validation. CAD. Final product. 


At Concrete-Project we admire, appreciate, and cherish materials that possess a story. Often times these materials are old, their stories having been written by time. The true character of this material however, the thing that makes it so special, derives from events the material has endured. Surviving winters blanketed in snow, summers baking in the sun, these experiences give a weathered piece of wood its character and along with it, beauty. 

The story of an object comes as much from its purpose or form, as it does from the material it's made from. Most materials earn their character, concrete is different. 

Concrete possesses character from birth. Each cast is unique. Each mix individual. Concrete is a process as well as a material, and while the process can be manipulated with skill and technique, the result is always distinctively concrete. It is a material that will stand the test of time, develop with age, and become more beautiful with every experience.