Concrete countertops are the bread and butter of most artisan concrete shops. Although we tend to focus on product design, countertops are well within our capabilities and we love making them.


Countertop Process


Conversation: The first step in creating countertops is to engage in conversation. We’ll discuss what look you are after, decide if concrete is right for you, and go over a preliminary plan. 


Template: We will visit your site and produce a template that will then be used to make the countertops. This step is very important as the countertops will be the exact shape of these templates. For this step, cabinets will need to be installed as we produce the template on top of the finished cabinets. A sink (or template of sink) will need to be provided.


Fabrication: The forming, pouring, processing, and sealing of your concrete countertops will take place in our shop.

Installation: We are happy to install your countertops ourselves, deliver them to your site for your contractor to install, or keep them safe in our shop until pickup can be arranged.

Prices start at $70/sqft

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